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Amended 2012




  (a)  STATUS
    (i) UNDER 17- A competitor ceases to be Under 17 on 31st December of the year in which he/she reaches the age of 16 years.
    (ii) UNDER 16- A competitor ceases to be Under 16 on 31st December of the year in which he/she reaches the age of 15 years.
    (iii) UNDER 15- A competitor ceases to be Under 15 on 31st December of the year in which he/she reaches the age of 14 years.
    (iv) Every rower must be in a position to prove his/her age by production of an official document (eg. birth certificate, drivers license)
    (v) Inter-Regional 8 RACE - this race is open to U17 and Championship competitors.
      The 'Region' is defined by the Department of Education and Communities
        Hunter Schools Sports Association
North Coast Schools Sports Association
North West Schools Sports Association
Riverina Schools Sports Association
South Coast Schools Sports Association
Sydney East Schools Sports Association
Sydney North Schools Sports Association
Sydney South West Schools Sports Association
Sydney West Schools Sports Association
Western Schools Sports Association
      Schools within a Region are encouraged to make 'composite' crews to form their Regional crew.
      Each Region may nominate one Men's and one Women's Crew
      Competitors may only row for the Region in which their school is located
    (i) Coxswains: Minimum weight 50kg for all schoolboy events.
    (ii) Coxswains: Minimum weight 45kg for all schoolgirl events.
    (i) Championship events 2000m
    (ii) Under 17, Under 16, Under 15, Friendship Race 1000m
    (i) The 3 pointscore trophies Schoolboys, Schoolgirls and Championship School will be decided on the following scoring system
      1st - 4 points 2nd - 2 points 3rd - 1 point
    (ii) Points will only be awarded for the highest place where the same school fills two or more places
    (iii) Points will be awarded for all finals except the Friendship Race.
    (i) The Gabrielle Pritchard Memorial Award
      At the conclusion of the CHS Rowing Championship Regatta the Convener and the Umpire Referee shall choose the most outstanding female competitor of the Championship for that year and she shall be awarded the "Gabrielle Pritchard Memorial Trophy".
    (ii) The Reg Galvin Memorial Award
      At the conclusion of the CHS Rowing Championship Regatta the Convener and the Umpire Referee shall choose the most outstanding male competitor of the Championship for that year and he shall be awarded the "Reg Galvin Memorial Trophy".
    (iii) NSW CHS Rowing Blue
      To qualify for a Blue a rower must satisfy the requirements 4.5.2 and/or any rower winning an event at the CHS Regatta will be deemed to be representing NSW CHS at the Australian Titles (for that year) thus allowing them to be eligible for a NSW CHS Rowing Blue.
    (iv) Life Membership Sports Specific Teacher/Non Teacher
      Be awarded as follows: A person who has given 10 years of active service and/or who has made a significant contribution to rowing in such a way that it has led to obvious and significant changes or development of rowing at the CHS level.
    (i) The regatta will be conducted in accordance with the CHS Rowing Championship Rules and NSWCHSSA, Rules in conjunction with the NSW Rowing Association Laws of Boat Racing.
    (ii) A meeting of all Boat Race Officials and School Representatives be held 1 hour prior to the first event of each day of racing. This will inform all parties of any changes to rules, program alterations and procedures to be followed for the regatta.
    (i) All coxless quad scull events become coxed quad scull, phased in over a period of 3 years.
    (ii) At State and National Championship levels, all schoolboys and schoolgirls quad scull events are coxed.

The "phase in" period gives schools the opportunity to incorporate this class of boat into their boat purchase/replacement programme.

In the event that a coxswain is not available, then the coxed quad scull must carry metallic weight equivalent to the minimum coxswains weight as defined in the rules of Rowing. The weights must be carried in the seat normally occupied by the coxswains.

    1. Adapt 1x : Adaptive Single Scull
    2. WU16 2x : Womens Under 16 Double Scull
    3. MU16 1x : Mens Under 16 Single Scull
    4. WU15 4x- : Womens Under 15 Coxless Quad Scull
    5. MU15 2x : Mens Under 15 Double Sculls
    6. WU17 1x : Womens Under 17 Single Scull
    7. CM 4x- : Womens Under 17 Quad Scull
    8. CW 8+ : Championship Womens Eight
    9. MU17 2x : Mens Under 17 Double Scull
    10. WU15 1x : Womens Under 15 Single Scull
    11. WU16 4x- : Womens Under 16 Coxless Quad Scull
    12. CM 2- : Championship Mens Pairs
    13. CW 1x : Championship Womens Single Scull
    14. WU17 2x : Womens Under 17 Double Scull
    15. MU 15 4x- : Mens Under 15 Coxlessd Quad Scull
    16. WU16 1x : Womens Under 16 Single Scull
    17. CW 2- : Championship Womens Pair
    18. CM 4+ : Championship Mens Coxed Four
    19. MU17 4x- : Mens Under 17 Coxless Quad Scull
    20. CW 2x Championship Womens Double Sculls
    21. WU 15 2x : Womens Under 15 Double Scull
    22. MU16 4x : Mens Under 16 Double Scull
    23. CM 1x : Championship Mens Single Scull
    24. CM 8+ : Championship Mens Eight
    25. CW 4+ : Championship Womens Coxed Four
    26. MU15 1x : Womens Under 15 Single Scull
    27. MU16 2x : Womens Under 16 Double Scull
    28. Wu 17 4x : Womens Under 17 Coxless Quad Scull
    29. MU17 1x : Mens Under 17 Single Scull
    30. CM 2x : Championship Mens Double Scull
    31. CW 4x- : Championship Womens Coxless Quad Scull
    Women's Inter-Regional Eight : 2nd last event - Day 1
    Men's Inter-Regional Eight : Last event - Day 1


The Rowing Sub-Committee will meet at each CHS Championship Regatta.

  (b) A quorum for the Rowing Sub-Committee shall be either one half the number of schools competing at the Championship regatta or seven, whichever is smaller.

Members of the rowing sub-committee shall be:

    (i) The Convener, who shall be chairperson with a casting vote.
    (ii) One representative from each school competing at the Championship Regatta.
    (iii) One representative from any non-competing school which has competed at any of the previous two Championship regattas.
    (iv) A proxy vote may occur if the Convener receives a letter, signed by the Principal before the start of the Sub-Committee meeting.
  (d) Duties of the Rowing Sub-Committee shall be:
    (i) To amend the CHS Rowing Rules as appropriate each year by
      (a) where possible submitting Notices of Motion to the convener with entries:
      (b) Motions passed at the Sub-Committee meeting shall be forwarded to CHS Council for passing before they become effective.
    (ii) To select the venue for the CHS Championships two years in advance and propose preferred dates for the Championships.
    (iii) The host school for the next year shall confirm their willingness to host the next Championships. If this confirmation is not received then the Sub Committee shall select a new host for that year.
  (a) A competitor may only compete in one event in one class of boat except that:
    (i) A competitor may only compete in one event in each class of boat up to a maximum of three events. The classes of boats are single, double, quad sculls (coxed and coxless), pairs, fours, eights. This is in addition to the Friendship Race.
    (ii) Under 15 competitors may only compete in sculling events.
  (b) Any competitor who enters in more than one event in the same class of boat in contravention of 6.14.4(a) will be drawn in the most senior event.
  (c) All crew members including the coxswain must attend the same State High School.
  (d) All boats must carry lane numbers. These may be hired from the NSWCHSSA via the Convener for a deposit of $10.
  (e) Each competitor pays a $15 levy which shall be forwarded with their entry. This levy shall be $15 regardless of number of events or whether coxswain or rower. NB All cheques for levies should be made out to "NSW CHS Sports Association".
  (f) Entries shall close at 2.30pm on Friday at least two weeks prior to the Championships. Entries are to be posted to the conveners school. The convener will then construct and distribute the draw.
  (h) The entry form should include the event filled in with the code letters and race number from the order of events, and crews numbers only when more than one crew is entered from that school in that event.