Pacific School Games - NSW Team

Pacific School Games - NSW Team

Touch Football

21 July 2015

Selection Processes


The NSWPSG Primary Girls and Boys Touch  teams will be selected at the following NSWPSSA State Carnivals.

21-23 July
Coffs Harbour Leisure Parks
Stadium Drive
Coffs Harbour 

18 – 20 August
Doyle Ground
Buller Street
North Parramatta 

General Selection Criteria
To be eligible for consideration for selection in the NSWPSG  primary touch teams, students must compete at the NSWPSSA State Touch Championships.

Students must represent their Region/Association. Students in Invitation teams, while not called such, are also representing their Region/Association and are therefore also eligible for State selection.

At the discretion of the NSWPSG Selection Committee nominations from competitors impacted by unforeseen circumstances may be considered for selection. These must be supported by appropriate documentation.

A selection committee which will have the NSWPSG Coach as Chairperson will be elected at the Pre Championship meeting. The NSWPSG Touch teams will be named at the conclusion of the state championship.

State teams are selected according to the rules laid down by School Sport Australia. Students must be between 10  and 12 years of age in the year of competition.

Selection Criteria NSWPSG Secondary Girls and Boys Touch Teams (15 Years and Under)
Teams will be selected based on performance at the NSWPSG Selection Trials to be held at the Sydney Academy of Sport, Narrabeen on 25 – 26 July 2015.

The selection panel will consist of the NSWPSG Coach as Chairperson, and one delegate from each of the NSWCHS, NSWCCC and NSWCIS sports associations. Where required the NSWPSG Coach will have a casting vote.

Team Members

Not available at this time.

Competition Program

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