DET NSW School Sport Unit

DET NSW School Sport Unit

Checklist for Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics School/Zone Carnivals


Time Frame



8 weeks before

PA system booked
Determine overall costs and student levy
Catering arrangements for staff and students
Order Trophies/Rewards
Request First Aid officer and parent assistance


6 weeks before

Book buses
Meeting with other schools in Zone to finalise arrangements
Notify school administrative staff and complete Risk Assessment
Email – entry pro forma to participating schools


4 weeks before

Complete program and update records/results from previous years
Program sent to participating schools
Invite principals/ guests
Check equipment, sunscreen and First Aid kit and order if required
Notify parents of details/ permission notes - school newsletter/website.
Book laptops and printers


2 weeks before

Result sheets prepared
Organise student helpers – IT and runners
Staff allocation of duties for the event - bus supervision
Notify local media
Check roll call arrangements


1 week before

Post information around school and on community noticeboard
Prepare list of local hospitals/ medical centres
Confirm catering and canteen facilities
Prepare list of relevant telephone numbers
Arrange access to venue / toilet facilities


1 day before

Confirm bus booking
Consider weather forecast and alternate arrangements
Collect equipment
Check surface conditions of outdoor venues


On the day

Check staff absences
Greet visitors and explain location/event details
Source for ice
Establish and advertise event management and first aid   stations
Distribute equipment/ score cards/ result sheets
Venue supervision
Monitor staff & student participation and enjoyment
Display results if appropriate – organise finals


At the end of the day

Ensure facility is clean
Collect equipment/ score cards/ result sheets
Return lost property to school
Compile results
Send results to publicity outlets


Follow up

Meetings to discuss issues that arose when conducting event
Return equipment
Prepare report identifying strengths and weaknesses with
recommendations for the future
Thank you letters
Pay accounts


Equipment for Carnival

The following equipment is recommended:

  • Walkie-talkies
  • Megaphone
  • Whistles / Bell
  • Clipboards with score/result sheets attached
  • Spare programs
  • Place cards/sticks
  • Certificates
  • Sign -on sheet for staff
  • Enlarged result sheets
  • Stationery  (see below)
  • Spare copies of score/ result sheets
  • Large garbage bags
  • First aid kit


Stationery stash! (Pack this once and use it every time!)


  • Highlighters
  • Pens
  • Post- its
  • Stapler/ staples
  • Paper clips
  • Bull dog clips
  • Ream of paper/ notepaper
  • Paper spike
  • Folders
  • White-out
  • Place cards
  • Drawing pins

Sticky tape
Packaging tape
Texta pens
Hole punch
Safety pins
Glue sticks
Raffle tickets

Electrical extras:



  • 2 x long extension cords
  • 1 short extension cord
  • Min. 2 powerboards
  • Mobile phone charger
  • Batteries